Educating Citizen Designers in South Africa

206 pages - 245mm x 175mm
Paperback / softback (9781928357728)
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The book aims at sharing critical citizenship design teaching and learning pedagogies by including contributions from a range of design educators, and one student, who work in different design disciplines, such as architecture, graphic and product design. Critical citizenship education is explicated in relation to a range of theories and new and existing models. Numerous contemporary case studies and examples of design projects from a range of South African Higher Education Institutions are included. As such, a variety of perspectives emerge, including the consensual, where the aim of critical citizenship education is viewed as promoting social justice, shared values and critical thinking, to the conflicting – where critiques are levelled against conceptions of critical citizenship education. Contentious, contesting and contradictory views are inevitable and necessary given the South African context as it is only in open debate that the one point of agreement among the authors, the need for social change, can be worked towards.

Chapter 1 Exploring Barriers and Strategies for Critical Citizenship Education: A Reflection on Practice – Elmarie Costandius and Neeske Alexander
Chapter 2 Educating Citizen Designers at South African Universities of Technology – Herman Botes
Chapter 3 Exploring Live and Design-build projects as Educational Spaces to Foster Critical Citizenship – Rudolf Perold and Hermie Delport
Chapter 4 Community Engagement, Catalysts in the Built Environment and Reflections on Teaching Architecture with a Focus on Housing Design – Amira Osman
Chapter 5 A Potential Difference Model for Educating Critical Citizen Designers: The Case Study of the Beegin Appropriate Technology Beekeeping System – Angus Donald Campbell and Ivan Leroy Brown
Chapter 6 'Socially Responsibilised' Designers: The Evils of Entrepreneurship Ideology in Citizenship Education – Brenden Gray
Chapter 7 Creating Citizen Designers by Nurturing Design Thinking Skills through Experiential Learning – Fatima Cassim
Chapter 8 Nurturing Critical Citizen Designers: Applying Strategic Models for Reflective Practice – Terence Fenn and Jason Hobbs
Chapter 9 Learning to Act on Courageous Convictions: Developing a Critical Citizenship Module for Undergraduate Design and Branding Students – Anika van den Berg
Chapter 10 Lessons on Critical Citizenship from a ‘Non-citizen’ – Amollo Ambole
Chapter 11 Design and its Education in ‘Post’ South African Society: A Way Forward – Karolien Perold-Bull